How to enjoy awesome sex when pregnant

Pregnancy can make you feel tired, kind of nauseous and weepy for a few months, but when that magical second trimester hits — watch out. Your partner may not have the stamina to keep up with your raging, hormone-fueled libido.
Of course, sex during pregnancy (when you are feeling energetic and comfortable enough for it) serves more than one purpose beyond scratching your itch. The stress release and the pleasure of a nice, big O is always a win, but there are several scientific reasons to get frisky.

“Continuing to have sex during pregnancy is important for not only the ongoing intimacy and bonding that it creates for both partners, but it also allows for the release of oxytocin, which is a hormone that bonds partners through physical touch,” says clinical sexologist Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D.

“Research has indicated that oxytocin is also good for the baby in utero. It reduces maternal stress and can create a healthier environment for the pregnancy to develop. In addition, thanks to increased lubrication, the ability to orgasm and increased blood flow to the labia and cervix — which creates more sensitivity — sex can be even more pleasurable during pregnancy than normal,” Kat says.

•Rear-entry side position
How you do it: Lie spooning one another, with the male behind.

Why it’s awesome: “It doesn’t allow for the penis to go too deep, which can be an issue as the cervix is more sensitive during pregnancy,” says Van Kirk. It also takes the pressure off of the belly and pelvis. It creates the opportunity for his hands to have access to her breasts as well.”

•Queen takes king

How you do it: He sits in a sturdy chair with arms. A wingback chair works better than a small or lower club style. With her back to him — and with enough lubrication to prevent pain — she places her hands on the arms and sits down onto his penis. He places his hands on her hips to help raise and lower her, or if she is strong enough, he can play with her breasts and clitoris. (You might want to try this position clothed before trying it naked!)

Why it’s awesome: “She can also remain in one position and hover there, as he pushes up into her,” says clinical sexologist Eric Marlowe Garrison, author of Mastering Multiple Position Sex. “It’s wonderful for pregnancy, because she has control over depth and speed.”

•The “lazy” sex position
How you do it: Face opposite directions with your partner while you’re on your backs. Then scissor your legs together.

Why it’s awesome: “This position creates as little work as possible for both partners because they both have their weight distributed on their backs and can control penetration easily,” Dr. Van Kirk says. “She can shift her hips into a comfortable position, while allowing her hands to access her clitoris.”

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