Gonorrhea is a contagious disease transmitted most often through sexual contact with an infected person. Gonorrhea may also be spread by contact with infected bodily fluids. That is why it is easier for a mother to infect her newborn during childbirth. The infection is easily spread and occurs most often in people who have many sex partners.
Gonorrhea is caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae, a bacterium that can grow and multiply easily in mucus membranes of the body.
Natural therapy is the best way to treat it.
These are the steps to cure it:
      1.       Get 3-4 pieces of wonderful cola, ginger and garlic.

      2.       Cut them into pieces.
      3.       Put all in a big bottle and add half bottle of lime orange juice.
       4.       Take 2 spoons daily until, it clears.

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