Hearing and speech problems are hereditary-Expert

 Hearing and speech challenges, such as stuttering, are hereditary according to a renowned audiologist, Prof. A. Ademokoya.
He noted that early detection could help to correct more than 90 per cent of the problems.
He went further to say that such problems are not detected or managed in childhood, they grow worse and result in long-term disabilities, such as deafness and total loss of speech.
 He said, “We advise that couples should go for genetic counseling before getting married so that both can disclose their medical history and become aware of some of the hereditary challenges their babies may have.
The medic, who urged couples to seek regular medical counselling, stated that they could detect these challenges early in babies.
He added, “You should check how your baby reacts when music is playing. The baby should kick or move. When your baby is two months, he/she should have statutory reflexes to sound or music.
“A mother should check whether her baby responds to her voice or gets startled by car horns. Do not interpret any abnormal behaviour.”
He also warned that the lifestyle of pregnant women could predispose their children to congenital speech and hearing disabilities.
He explained, “Some drugs or antibiotics, when taken in pregnancy or given to babies, can damage the development of some organs or tissues in the foetus. That is why we advise pregnant women not to practise any form of self-medication.
A nursing mother should also avoid living in a noisy environment. It may affect the ability of the baby to hear correctly.”

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