How to manage hair loss in pets

Hair loss can be due to a number of reasons, which include inadequate kennel ventilation or persistent increase in environmental temperature.
This causes the pet to shed fur as an adaptation for more air to reach the skin. This also explains why you may notice excess shedding of hair during hot weather.
Excess shedding can also occur when a dog arrives from a cold climate to a tropical one. Malnutrition and some clinical conditions, such as worm infestation, can also result in increased fur shedding. However, if the shedding forms patches or a ring shape, it may be due to a parasitic infection caused by mites that live beneath the skin. These mites feed on the oil that nourishes the fur resulting in its death due to little or no nutrition.
In some cases, hair loss may be due to the presence of a fungal or parasitic condition. Hence, I advise that you contact your veterinarian to carry out a detailed clinical examination and collect the necessary clinical samples for diagnosis.
The cure will depend on the cause. Personally, I have noticed that dogs kept in well-ventilated kennels shed their fur minimally.
Clean their bodies always using prescribed natural detergents.

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