Health benefits from fermented food

If you have not been eating fermented foods, you better start now because there are so many health benefits derived from fermented food.
Fermented foods are powerful detoxifiers and if you eat organic fermented vegetables for example, you get 10 trillion beneficial bacteria in return, which is higher than most, if not all, probiotics supplements being sold.
Some of the health benefits of fermented food include:
·         Lowered risk of viral infections, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, colonic cancer, arthritis, and gastro-intestinal disorders
·         Improved digestion
·         A stronger immune system
·         Assistance with the restoration of natural enzymes in the body
·         Improved mood, mental health, and emotional balance.

Please note that,you need not to eat fermented food too much,this is because,it is so powerful to create a healing crisis.What happens is that the probiotics will eliminate a large number of pathogens in the gut, triggering the release of powerful toxins.

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