Condom mistakes you could be making

Condoms are absolutely necessary to prevent pregnancy, as well as Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD).
A lot of people don’t like wearing it for one reason or the other. Some even say it is not super perfect and it has failed a couple of times.
For the next couple of weeks on Titbits corner, we will look at and correct the simple condom mistakes people make.
Condoms are the most popular form of contraceptive; they are  perfect, cheap and easy to use. They do have a 98 per cent (The HealthSite) success rate of preventing pregnancy if used properly. Due to lack of knowledge and/or skills, people do end up making a lot of mistakes while using them though. This could lead to unwanted pregnancy, as well as STDs. Here are some of the most common mistakes when people use condoms:
Tearing the packet wrongly:
Some people tend to rip off the condom packet using their teeth. This can cause tears or breakages in the condom, which will lead to a not-so-happy ending.
While opening your condom pack, check the tear line on the pack or if there is none, you can carefully remove without destroying your condom.

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