Microsoft and Cancer solution

Computer software giant Microsoft has announced it is teaming up with world-leading biologists to uncover the complexities of cancer cells and develop treatment, through the use of computer science.

Microsoft has announced a range of research initiatives, including a team who are working to uncover more about the genomics of cancer — finding out which genes have gone bad in the genome.
"The collaboration between biologists and computer scientists is actually key to making this work," Microsoft's corporate vice-president Jeannette Wing said.
Using machine learning and natural language processing, Microsoft researchers will help oncologists figure out the most effective, individualised cancer treatment, by providing new ways to sort through research data.
Cheng Soon Ong , an adjunct associate professor at the Australian National University (ANU) and principal research scientist at CSIRO, said a clearer understanding on genomics would allow for more targeted treatment.
"Once you have been diagnosed with cancer your genomics can give indications to the doctor [as to] which treatment you're more likely to respond to," Professor Soon Ong said.
By filtering large masses of data, computers can help researchers understand what correction needs to be made to the DNA, by flagging "risky" genes.
"Cancer is really runaway cells where the DNA has essentially mutated," he said.

Source:  ABC Online  

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