Foods with much sugar you need to watch

Many people these days are trying to lose weight or improve their health but ignorant of hidden sugar in most of the foods they take daily.

Research shows that 75 percent of all processed foods have added sugar. So there’s a huge possibility you’re consuming more sugar than you think. And reading food labels doesn’t mean you’re safe, companies use food labeling tricks to hide sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.
Here are some foods that might be increasing your sugar intake unknowingly.
Fresh juice
Drinking juice squeezed from fruits is totally different from eating fruits. Even though fruit juice may have a few nutrients, for the most part it’s just sugar and water, without fiber.
In fact, fresh juice has the same amount of sugar as concentrated juices. But it’s the lesser of two since it doesn’t contain chemicals.
Even though yoghurt is rich in protein and calcium, an 8-ounce serving can contain 7 teaspoons of sugar. The best yoghurt option is plain Greek yoghurt, since it doesn’t contain sugar.
Beef jerky
The amount of sugar in beef jerky will depend on the brand. One bag of beef jerky can contain up to 32 grams (8 teaspoons) of sugar. If you want to eat this high protein snack, buy brands that add the least amount of sugar and sodium.
Bottled sauces and dressings
You’ll be surprised by the amount of sugar in sauces and dressings. A 2 tablespoon serving of regular sauce contains 24 grams (6 teaspoons) of sugar. In fact, calories from sauces can quickly add up and make it harder to lose weight.
The best food additive options include, hot sauce, vinegar, herbs and spices. These will add flavor to your food without adding lots of calories.
You’ll notice that some loaves are sweet while other a stale. Some brands leave out sweeteners while others add a lot of sugar. Some bread brands have 5 grams of sugar per slice.
You don’t have to completely eliminate bread from your diet, unless you’re gluten intolerant. Just make sure you read the labels and choose the sugar-free bread.
Reducing the intake of these foods will definitely lower the amount of sugar and calories you consume.

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