Dangers of using hair extension that leads to hair loss

Hair extension
There is this popular saying that when you gain some, you lose some! Do you want to sacrifice your natural hairs for the sake using hair attachment? I guess you will not like to trade such path.

The extra weight of the added hairs can be too much that, they start pulling the natural hair out at the follicles. Or hair may be pulled out at the root simply by brushes or combs catching in the various types of joins. If pulled out often enough, the follicle will simply die, resulting in hair loss, a condition known in the medical field as traction alopecia.

Another danger is that, they don’t allow the scalp natural hair to breathe properly. This can create a warmer environment, which may cause it to sweat, ache and itch. A scalp that is always moist can become a good breeding ground for fungus and bacteria to grow.
 Now thousands of young women are experiencing the dangerous side effects that come with trying to transform one's natural hair with longer and fuller hair pieces.
Beauty queen Amanda 26, tried hair extensions for two Miss Virginia competitions.

That was the most painful experience of my life,' Miss Amanda said. 'I had them in for maybe three weeks. My scalp was red and bleeding. I lost a lot of hair.'
That’s the bitter truth!  Do you want to toll that path too, by losing your beautiful hairs?

The Solution!

Have you seen these Asian ladies with long and beautiful natural hair, have you found out what they use to maintain their natural hairs. Next time, you see any of them, ask her, what she uses to maintain her natural hairs.

To save you time and other inconveniences of trying to find out, LET ME REVEAL THE SECRET HERE!

Asian ladies like using natural mixtures packaged in the form of cream/oil to retain their hairs and its longevity.

Two of such products are:



Blend of four oils in a bottle egg yolk oil- Egg oil helps recreate and maintains the texture of hair- an excellent natural hair nutrient for dry scalp, nourishes hair, natural softness.
Acts as a humectant drawing moisture in as it conditions.
Egg oil averts falling of hair, prevents premature graying and strengthens hair with regular use.
 It has superior nourishing and conditioning property which help in reducing the onset of premature hair loss.
 Egg oil also promotes the growth of new hair
REETHA OIL (Soap-nut tree) is well known for hair care & hair growth, also good for oily hair.
SIKAKAI means "fruit for hair". It is made from Acacia concinna, a shrub native to the warm, plains of central and south India. Acacia concinna has been used for hair care in India for centuries.
AMLA OIL: Regular use of amla strengthens the hair follicles, stimulates hair growth, keeps dandruff away, straightens your hair, prevents split ends and nourishes your hair. It also prevents premature graying of hair and stops hair loss.
For Both Men & Women, All Types of Hair
People who know me can attest the to the fact that don’t recommend product(s) easily to the public without doing thorough underground research about it.
This product is good and I recommend it to anyone who cares about her hairs and looks.
The benefits of this product are that, it makes your hair thick, dark, shiny, lustrous, fuller, beautiful & healthy.

Customers’ review of the product:

4.0 out of 5 starsbut during the use of the product im getting beautiful hair. Im Sattisfied so far
Catza Juarez

By Catza Juarez on March 11, 2016
              During the use of the product im getting beautiful hair. Im Sattisfied so far

By annie on June 30, 2016
I just reordered the second bottle of this the only bad thing about it was I got a smaller bottle then the first original bottle. This product is amazing my hair has been thinning recently so I came across this product thought to use it and it's the best product I've used! I use it with herbal essence actually works I recommend this product def!

Rachel Balkcom
By Rachel Balkcom on July 12, 2015
Like the egg oil, this smells funny (actually, they smell identical), but it too leaves my hair soft and shiny.

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You can as well, try the 2nd product; they are all very good and effective.

                     NO 2 PRODUCT:

2.    Argan Tree Morocco Gaga Oil For Hair


100% Organic Certified & Imported from Morocco.
Added with snail essence & other fruits extract.
Prevents Frizz & Revitalizes Natural Hair Shine & Silkiness -
MOISTURIZER AND HEALS DRY HAIR - naturally freshens, hydrates and softens dry hair, it also repairs and beautifies natural hair, from roots to split-ends and improves scalp health.
Rich in VITAMIN E, NATURAL FATTY ACIDS and OMEGA 6 - Argan Oil is a natural prime antioxidant combating premature ageing skin. Quickly absorbs and deeply penetrates to heal, nourish and hydrate.
Ultra-light miracle argan oil leaves No residue and No oil build up, only provides silky finish and brilliant shine.
 Apply a few drops as often as needed to achieve soft, shiny hair.


Wenhsin Lin

By Wenhsin Lin on September 12, 2015
I got it in 4 days with free shipping. It smells so good and it really makes your hair smooth. I love it!!! Very nice product!

By Melanie on March 6, 2016
I am amazed how well this product works!
Definitely will buy again!

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