People who take this herb live above 100 years in Napals

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego identified a small fishing village south of Naples inside the Cilento National Park that has an unusual concentration of citizens over the age of 100, with very low rates of Alzheimer’s and heart disease.
Many research studies are now under way to identify why these people live so long and so well.
Do you know that Shakespeare wrote about this herb 400 years ago but people did not take his words serious. Those words ring true today.
Back to my story!
But what was reported to be unique in this town was the prevalence of the herb called rosemary in the residents’ diet. The healing power of spices to battle inflammation and promote healthy sugar levels, brains, and hearts is well-known.
 Here are some of the reported benefits of rosemary:
 It improves the health of arteries
It can improve memory
It may suppress cancer cells
It may improve arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory effects.
It may improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels
It may help with hair loss

Rosemary, a fragrant herb related to mint can be grown in your garden as far the garden is fertile.

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