Kim Kardashian weight loss method is the best

Stop trying to lose weight the hard way: At last! You can shed excess weight quickly using Kim Kardashian’s method …. Without starving yourself!

Kim has never been shy about just how hard she works to stay in tip-top form.

Like so many women, she foregoes carbs and hits the gym on the regular. More unusually, she straps on a waist trainer to whittle her waist. Her sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian have also proudly flaunted their corsets in selfies, and the craze has even spread to fellow reality stars Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi.
With the flood of images cramming various Instagram feed, it got me thinking: Would the technique work for a non-celeb too?
Some who have applied Kim’s method confessed "It gives you that extra curve without any tricks or gimmicks."
 "They can stabilize your core and encourage reduced consumption of food." 

In an effort to find out what waist-training is really like, Us Weekly enlisted editorial assistant Jamie Blynn to try the technique out for 10 days (increasing the amount of time she wears her YIANNA Women's Latex Sport Girdle Waist Training Shaper from 4 hours to 8).  
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Here's what happened 
11:30 AM: While hooking this bad boy on, I host the most pathetic wrestling match with myself in the bathroom. Eventually, I walk out with a flat stomach, moderately crushed lungs, and surprisingly, no bloody knuckles.  
11:35 AM: I feel like someone is stabbing me. I can't lean over, but my posture is on point.
3:35 PM: After wearing it for four hours, I take it off only to discover I now have deep indents on my sides that burn. I do feel skinnier, but as someone that's a tad overdramatic 
10:30 AM: Putting it on today is much easier. But, wow, bending over to put on my pants is a struggle!
8:15 AM: I've never worn a push-up bra, but now I have an idea of what it's like. This thing gives me pornstar boobs. It's annoying to figure out what I can wear.
8:30 PM: After wearing it for five hours today, I throw it back on for an hour because I have a date later and I feel thinner with it on. Fake it 'til you make it, right?
3:16 PM: At this point, it's quick to get on -- and more comfortable to move in. Plus, I've realized it's easier to start hooking the clasps from bottom to top and vis versa when taking it off.
6:15 PM: My coworkers are concerned with the deep, red marks the waist trainer leaves on my body when I take it off after 7 hours. But the indents disappear in about 15 minutes.
2:30 PM: Feeling ballsy, I hook the trainer on to the tighter hooks. With ease, it goes on!
DAY 10
8:22 AM: It's become part of my routine put it on right away. But, I also cannot wait to go back to normal living.
4:30 PM: With the Rocky theme song playing in my head, I measure myself -- I've lost two inches! It may be uncomfortable and awkward, but YIANNA Women's Latex Sport Girdle Waist Training Corset  does work! 


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