Avoiding desperate moves to keep Mr Right

In the search for a partner, one may seem keen but it is equally important not to be seen as desperate.
This can be a difficult balance to strike, especially when one finally falls in love. While keeping a certain level of distance is in line, be sure not to appear completely disinterested. Below are ten points for women to note when desperation sets in, and how to strike a balance in a relationship.
Forsaking your friends and being too available
Just because one has met the man of her dreams, doesn’t mean all friends should automatically take the back seat. Earlier plans to spend quality time with friends should, depending on the reason for the meeting, not be sacrificed for the relationship. A man will eventually get bored, and even begin to question a lady’s priorities, if all her life revolves around is the relationship.
Planning for the future too soon
On the first few dates, keep the topic of conversation light, no matter the temptation to keep the man. Talk of marriage, babies and settling down makes a woman seem like she has issues with her single status or that she feels inferior and may be scared of being dumped as soon as possible. Keep your ideas for the perfect wedding to yourself for now and wait until you get to know him better.
Becoming a text pest
Avoid texting too often, especially when you texted ten minutes ago. Not everyone keeps their phones within reach all the time and he might just be busy, and has not had a chance to reply just yet. Sending a text asking why he didn’t reply to your other text is a definite sign of desperation and it will only annoy him anyway.
Showing up unannounced, too frequently
While surprise visits help to improve a relationship, showing up at his home or place of work unannounced too many times especially when you have just become acquaintances isn’t just an act of desperation, it’s also a pretty creepy one. In the early stages of the relationship, surprises like that are not romantic. It is simply desperation.
Pretending to like anything he does
If you pretend to like anything he does, such as watching a ball game on TV when you don’t, your lie will come out eventually. You can’t possibly love everything about his type. He will find out and think that you are capable of lying about other things too.
Showering him with gifts for no reason at all
You can’t buy love, so don’t shower him with gifts when you hardly even know him. A gift for his birthday, an apology, or even a special occasion is fine, but when you suddenly start showering him with gifts for no reason at all, it’s going to look strange and make it seem that you will do anything to gain his affection. 
Taking him to family too soon
Taking him round to meet parents is going to ring alarm bell in his head too. As excited as you may be about this new man in your life, meeting the parents is something that should be left until later on in the relationship, when you are sure that this is going somewhere.
Putting up with his bad behaviour
A sure-fire way to make you look unwanted and desperate is to let a man walk over you. You should never let a man walk over you, nor let a guy be abusive, cruel or rude to you. You shouldn’t just settle for being second best.
Obsessing about his whereabouts
Asking where he has been and wanting to know everything about who he has been with is going to scare him away. Trying to keep him with you all day, every day and getting jealous when he is not, will make you seem far too clingy and needy. Learn to give him space.
Tracking his every move and declaring your love online too soon
Another scary and desperate habit is to instantly share all his posts on Facebook or re-tweet all his tweets. Be careful too about what you tweet or post about him. Telling all your friends that the guy you met only last night is definitely your Mr Right is going to bring an early end to what might have otherwise been a beautiful relationship.

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