How to Stop Hair Breakage Naturally

You brush your hair each morning only to hear a rustle, pop or snap sound. Now, this isn’t good as it could mean that your hair is so weak that it’s developed split ends.
Though a loss of 100 follicles of hair is widely accepted as normal, you can change your habits to improve the quality of your hair. Once you know the reason for developing split ends, you can find out how to prevent hair breakage. If you want to know how to fix hair breakage, read all about it here.
What causes hair breakage: Once you know what causes hair breakage, you can arrest the problem.For more information on how to stop hair breakage, read on:
·         You pull back your hair too tightly: When you tug your hair back to the point of it being painful, it snaps and causes a break. Instead, loosen your hair a bit so that you don’t lose quality hair.
·         You style your hair when wet: Hair breakage causes could be something as innocent as brushing or combing your hair when wet. This makes the hair weak and it then splits. To prevent such a situation, detangle your hair with detangling shampoo or separate strands of hair with your fingers. This will reduce any breakage of hair.
·         You avoid trimming your hair periodically: If you don’t trim your hair periodically, eventually it might break off. In order not to lose your hair, go in for regular trims so that your hair becomes healthy and does not break easily.
·         You over process your hair: By doing this, your hair can turn brittle. Avoid such a situation by lightening your hair by less harsher means. And yes, ensure that you add moisture to your deep conditioning routine.
·         You eat the wrong foods: To stay strong and lustrous, you need to eat nourishing food. While proteins repair the weak parts of your hair follicles and thus keep breakage at bay. However, don’t overdo the proteins because an overdose of it can make your hair extremely brittle and excessive moisture can make it very flexible. Create your own balance between protein and moisture so that your hair stays healthy.
·         You turned on the heat too much: If you use flat irons, pressing combs or curling irons to straighten your hair, it can easily burn since you use these implements at high temperatures. Whether you do this habitually or just once, it causes a lot of damage to your hair.
Though the excessively high temperatures straighten your curls, yet any amount of shampooing and conditioner that you use won’t get it back to its pristine condition. If your hair is damaged beyond the point where it cannot be salvaged, you really cannot have healthy hair again. Your only solution now is to cut off your damaged hair and let it grow out again. This may disappoint you a lot, particularly if you want your hair to grow long, but damaged hair looks and feels awful, so it’s best to cut it and start again.
Ways to stop hair breakage: Hair breakage can be minimal where you don’t worry about it or it can be so bad that you see a doctor for treatment. While some of the causative factors of hair breakage are well outside the realm of your control, there are certain others are due to your daily habits. You may be able to reduce the severity of hair breakage by adopting a few tips and suggestions given below, though you may have to wait a little longer for the breakage to stop entirely.
·         Trim your hair: If you have your hair trimmed by a professional, it will take away the dead ends. This will help reduce the possibility of your hair tips from becoming dry and brittle, thereby necessitating a cut. If you have split ends, you’re forced to cut them above the level of the split if only to save the rest of the hair shaft. However, trouble brews when the split becomes so large that it gets entirely out of control, forcing you to cut a lot of each hair shaft, which could leave you with really short hair. A better idea would be to have your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks and save your hair from destruction.
·         If your hair’s wet, don’t brush it: If you’ve just washed your hair or have got caught in the rain, don’t brush your wet hair. This is because black hair is fragile and when it’s wet, it is in its weakest condition. Brushing your hair could also stretch the hair follicle to a state from where it cannot return to its original state. If this happens, you might just hear a snap sound. Instead of experiencing this, comb your hair and save it from destruction and damage.
·         Increase your protein intake: To restore your hair to its original healthy state, you should launch a protein strengthening regimen, depending on the severity of your problem. If it is severe, you may be losing a lot of hair for which you may need urgent measures to stem the problem. If you do lose a lot of hair to split ends, it’s probably because of the damage wrought by the use of harsh chemicals.
To make your hair healthy and shiny, don’t take in protein excessively as this may dry your hair. Use gentle protein treatments alternately with deep conditioners so that your hair stays healthy and breakage is minimized if not stopped entirely.
·         Use zero sulfate shampoos: Your favorite shampoo and its rich lather could well work against your hair, causing it to break. Usually, shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate that is known to strip your hair of its inherent humidity, which is then replaced by a conditioner. Instead of experiencing the ill-effects of this, use a zero sulfate shampoo which keeps your hair moisture-rich, strong and devoid of any breakage.
·         Wash your hair not more than three times each week: Your hair could dry if you wash it every day, so stop doing this. By washing it so frequently, your scalp gets the message it must generate more sebum, which only makes it excessively oily, leading you to think that your hair is dirty and needs a wash. Get out of this cycle and reduce washing to just three times a week.
·         Avoid using hair heating appliances: Apart from using a blow dryer that dries out your hair immeasurably, you should not use other tools like flat irons, curling irons, straighteners, crimpers, etc, that use heat to change the naturalness of your hair. These appliances cumulatively cause severe damage to your hair over time. So, try your best to avoid using them, or you can try using a serum to tone down the ill-effects of using heat on your hair. However, it’s good to know that a heat protectant can never preserve your hair from the ill-effects of these heat appliances. Instead, use other styling methods like wet setting on magnetic rollers.
·         Deep conditioning treatment: If you go in for a weekly deep conditioning treatment, your hair can get all the moisture it needs to withstand breakage. If you wish, you can make your own hair breakage treatment by mixing a mashed avocado with an egg and some olive oil. Apply this mix on your dry hair and keep it on for about 30 minutes. Then, rinse it with cool water.
·         Use an air dryer for your wet hair: You might find that using a blow dryer is much easier on your hair, but a healthy method of drying your hair is to use an air dryer. Blow dryers generate dry heat that dries up your hair and makes it a sitting duck for brittleness and hair damage. What’s better on your hair in the long run is an air-dryer.
Now that you know how to stop hair breakage, you might also like to learn all about the many home remedies that you can safely use.
There are several home remedies for hair breakage that use natural ingredients. They are cost-effective and are time-tested in this regard. You should first use these remedies as they are harmless and are chemicals-free, so they don’t have any side-effects. Along with certain good hair care products, these remedies can help you get rid of split ends.
·         Egg treatment: Eggs are rich in lecithin and proteins, both good for treating broken hair. Eggs help add luster and improve the quality of hair. You can use eggs in combination with olive oil and honey to eliminate split ends.
·         Hot oil massage: Hot oil massages get rid of hair breakage and repair dry and damaged hair too. You can choose olive, castor, coconut, lanolin, almond or any other. They help moisturize the hair which results in eliminating split ends and brittle hair.
This treatment is done by warming a little hair oil and massaging it into the scalp. Next, wrap a towel around your head so that the oil penetrates into the scalp and hair as much as possible. Leave it on for about 30 minutes or overnight and wash off with shampoo and warm water.
·         Coconut oil: Washing your hair lays great stress on it and sometimes shrinks the hair too, so using coconut oil can lessen this stress and any accompanying split ends and hair breakages. To use this oil, apply it on your scalp before washing your hair, preferably the night before so that you get best results.
·         Onion Juice: Onion is rich in sulfur, so its juice can stimulate fresh hair growth and get rid of any hair breakage. Once you apply it and keep it on for awhile, wash it off.
·         Aloe Vera: This treatment can help moisturize your hair and give you soft, shiny and smooth hair. Apply a mix of Aloe Vera and yogurt and leave it on for about 30 minutes before washing your hair with your regular shampoo. This treatment is good for hair breakage repair.
These tried and tested home remedies for hair breakage are sure to help you overcome your problem of hair breakage.
How to prevent hair breakage: If you style your hair constantly, or brush or chemically treat it, your hair can be damaged or break more readily. Your hair is the first of your features that becomes visible to the outside world, so naturally having a good head of hair is important to your self-esteem. To know how to prevent hair breakage, try these few tips:
·         Balanced diet: Nutrition has a positive impact on all parts of the body, including your hair, so it helps vastly to eat a balanced diet comprising vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and whole grains. By incorporating vitamins into your daily diet, you can experience hair breakage repair.
·         Shampoo and condition your hair regularly: Shampoo and condition your hair regularly as this can keep hair breakage at bay. You can take this point further by using shampoos and conditioners belonging to one brand as they are bound to have common ingredients that will help your hair retain its natural health. Remember to towel pat your hair and soak up the water without tugging at the hair. If you’re combing your wet hair, be gentle as otherwise wet hair can break. To detangle your hair, don’t use a comb, just use your fingers. Trim your hair once in six weeks to cut out the possibility of split ends.
·         Moisturize your hair: If you don’t know how to prevent hair breakage, why not try using oil treatments you can make at home? These will help moisturize and add bounce and balance to your hair, strengthening it all the while. By doing this, you encourage glycerides like avocado oil to enter the hair shaft without any difficulty. For strong and lustrous hair, mix coconut oil with olive oil and an egg yolk. By following this regimen for a month an hour before you shampoo, you can see definite improvement in the quality of your hair.
·         Be stress-free: If you wear your hair very tightly or use rubber bands, your hair can break very easily and the splits can ride up too, causing a deep divide in the hair follicle. So, don’t adopt a hair style that pulls on your hair unnaturally. At bedtime, remember to take off your rubber bands and keep your hair open. Brush your hair with a wide-toothed brush of natural bristles.
You don’t need to mope about having split ends and damaged hair. If you want to know how to repair hair breakage, read on:
·         Avoid blow drying and heat styling: Also, avoid brushing your hair excessively, combing it or washing it every day. However, for oily hair that needs regular washing, use a cleansing agent that conditions your hair while negating any build up.
·         Diet: Eat nutritious, protein-rich food and drink a lot of water.
·         De-stress: If you work in a highly competitive environment, that’s fine but that doesn’t mean you ignore your health, sleep and your hair. Learn to relax and use time-management techniques to increase your productivity.
·         Use kitchen stuff for your hair: Give your hair the goodness of eggs rich in protein, Omega 3s, grapeseed and jojoba oils that moisturize your scalp and eliminate dandruff. Avocado is great on the hair too.
·         Use hair repair products: Nutrition and use of hair repair products help strengthen your hair. Use hair care products that have natural ingredients and that are gentle on your hair. Avoid using products containing mineral oil as this dries the hair. Instead, use products that suit your hair type.
·         Trim your hair regularly: Having a trim every two months will help reduce any hair breakage. As you trim your hair over a few months, you will notice it growing longer, stronger and healthier.
Hair breakage is not just a major source of worry but also a sad experience. Once you learn how to fix hair breakage, you can get a shiny and thick mane that you’ll definitely be proud of.

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