Alkaline water is a great panacea for obesity

Water and air are two very important compounds that GOD gave to keep us healthy. It is no wonder therefore that these two are under constant attack and through them the human being is being afflicted by one disease or the other on a daily basis today.

Never has the air we breathe been so polluted and the blandness of the water that should keep us healthy, has kept a lot of people away from it. Not only are human beings staying away from water, they now drink beverages – sodas or soft drinks, artificial fruit juices, tea, coffee, alcohol and so on, as substitutes. These, no doubt have come with their own untoward effects, in form of diseases.
Going back to good old water is the best decision that any man that desires to live a healthy life can make. A healthy body is one where the water is alkaline and an unhealthy one has an acidic pH, which encourages the development of diseases. A healthy body can therefore be said to be on that has an ideal weight; full of energy, vitality and devoid of diseases.
Alkaline water and obesity
Alkaline water increases the pH of the body fluids and when this happens the following occur: there is a reduction in fats and cholesterol, which normally protect the body from the damaging effects of acids. Apart from dehydration, which causes acids to accumulate and our diet, other sources of acid are stress, air pollution and our usual drinking water, which in almost all cases is acidic. Acids, like we know, are destructive to the tissues of the body.
To protect these tissues from acid destruction the body produces and releases fats, which are known to bind and store the organic acids. Some of the acids are released through sweating, voiding of urine and passing of stools. Those that are not released are stored in the fat cells. The more the acidity of the body therefore, the more the fat cells are produced for the storage of the acid. If the acid continues to accumulate in the body, obesity will eventually set in as more fats are produced to bind the acid. The reason why weight loss programs have failed in the past now becomes clearer. The root cause of the problem, which is acid, was never dealt with.
Unknown to so many, even exercise without drinking sufficient water (alkaline water) only leads to very minimal weight loss. The reason is that during exercise, there is excessive loss of water through sweating which leads to dehydration and acid accumulation. Also, there is increased oxygen consumption and production of energy for muscular activities. Massive amounts of free radicals and lactic acid are released which cause mild metabolic acidosis. That muscular pain you had after an unfamiliar exercise is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid when the circulation is slowed down due to dehydration.
Drinking alkaline water before and after an exercise will neutralize the acid and prevent the pain. Alkaline water neutralizes the exercise-induced acidosis and the alkaline minerals and the negatively charged hydroxyl ions neutralize the free radicals released during exercise. Furthermore, the micro-clustered alkaline water, which is absorbed faster, quickly rehydrates the body.
In conclusion, obesity, an unhealthy state of the human body is caused by a four-letter word – ACID. As if this condition was not bad enough, certain life threatening, diseases that make matters worse accompany it.
Alkaline water as I have always recommended, remains the number one choice.
“Pure water” produced and marketed by Nigerians in all the States of Nigeria and even most of the bottled water are only more diluted than the hydrochloric acid that students use in the chemistry laboratories of our academic institutions. Some have argued against drinking alkaline water, saying that it will neutralize the acidity of the stomach. This is a very good point but not valid. The hydrochloric acid in the stomach is not for protection. It has been known to cause gastric ulcer in a chronic state of dehydration.
Furthermore, the acid is secreted when there is animal protein in the meal you have eaten. The acid softens (tenderizes) the protein to aid digestion and the alkalinity of the water is not enough to neutralize the acid in the stomach when it is being actively secreted. At other times, the alkaline water protects the stomach wall against the corrosive hydrochloric acid of the stomach.

Source: ngrguardiannews

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