When Being Tall or Short In Height Does No Good to Your Health

Height not just makes you attractive but it also shows that you have a proper body growth. Since the time of infancy, height along with weight is an important factor to measure growth of the body and therefore parents do many efforts to increase height of their wards. But there are various aspects in regards of health that can be inferred from your height.
This is necessary to understand this connection between height and health so that you can take required measures to prevent the ill effects.

Height is related to pregnancy as a fetus requires space to accommodate its growing body and therefore taller pregnant women have less stressful pregnancy because of their large frame and less chances of C section and development of gestational diabetes before or after delivery. This is proved by a study done over 220,000 cases by New York City University. Shorter women have also some advantage of their height as they feel the intense blow of pregnancy due to their small frame as compared to their tall friends.

Blood clot
According to a study conducted by University of Tromso, taller women have high chances of developing a stroke from blood clot as compared to short heighted women. Due to the large frame in taller women, the blood has to work hard to circulate throughout the body and thus the blood flow reduced considerably which can give rise to blood clot. It was found that women with height 5’2” and shorter than that are three times less likely to have blood clot in old age.

Taller persons are more prone to different types of cancer such as kidney, breast, and colon cancer. This is due to the fact that larger frames have large organs which consists greater number of cells which can be easily attacked by cancerous cells or can be mutated easily. The growth enhancing hormones also carries cancer causing elements which makes taller persons more susceptible to cancer. A research conducted on 20000 postmenopausal women demonstrated that there is 13 – 29 % increased risk for 19 types of cancer with every 4 inch increase in height. Although, this study was based on women but other studies have proven that pancreatic and colorectal cancer are associated with height in men.

Dementia and Alzheimer
Short heighted women are more prone to dementia as compared to taller women. According to a theory, short height makes an individual more susceptible to danger. In case of Alzheimer, men who were taller than 5′ 10″ have 59% less chances of development of the disease than men who are shorter than 5′ 6″.

Heart diseases
If taller people are susceptible to cancer then shorter people are prone to stroke and heart diseases. According to a study conducted at the University of Exeter discovered that with every increase of 2 ½ inches in height, chances of heart disease reduced by 14 percent. This is because genes which are responsible for short height also induce high cholesterol level in the body.

Longer life span
According to a research conducted at Albert Einstein College of Medicine discovered that a gene mutation which obstructs the normal functioning of insulin like growth factor is also responsible for extended lifespan. This means short heighted people lives more as compared to taller people.

Whether you are tall or short, you should not be nervous after knowing the height associated health risks because in either case you will follow same prevention and screening like others. Just focus on leading a healthy life and avoid the eating and lifestyle habits which can harm you. For example, if you are tall and you know that taller people have high risk of cancer then you should avoid smoking and chemicals which are known to have cancer causing properties. If you want to know how to increase height then you can easily find them on internet and you can also find many products there which claim to increase height. But we would suggest you to go for natural height gaining ways like stretching and healthy diet.

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