Amazing benefits of cold showers

When was the last time you took a cold shower? Chances are it was not by choice but you were forced by circumstances. Well, taking cold showers will soon become a choice once you discover the amazing benefits.
In fact, I’ve been taking cold showers for over a year.
Some athletes even take ice baths to reduce inflammation and muscle soreness. But it’s worth noting that drastic temperature shocks can be harmful to people with conditions. That said, regularly cold showers won’t do you any harm. Here are 15 benefits of cold showers.
1. You’ll become emotionally stronger
You’ll be able to deal with stress better when you take cold showers. Research shows that cold showers cause oxidative stress in the nervous system. So being exposed to cold showers frequently will eventually harden you and make you calmer.
2. Your willpower will increase
It takes willpower to turn off the heat and take a cold shower. The willpower will benefit you in other aspects of life like exercise, work, and fighting cravings.
3. You’ll burn more fat
Research shows that exposer to cold temperatures increases metabolism of brown fat, and can help you lose up to 9 pounds a year.
4. You’ll recover faster
For years athletes have been using ice baths to recovery faster after workouts. Take a cold shower after an intense workout or a long run.
5. They’ll put you in better mood
Cold showers will get rid of the cranky feeling you have in the morning. It’ll increase your heart rate and improve flow of blood to the brain.
6. Your skin will become more attractive
Unlike hot showers which cause skin dryness, cold showers tighten the skin and get rid of acne.
7. You’ll become more alert
Cold showers will increase your heart rate and intake of oxygen. This will naturally boost your energy and keep you more alert.
8. Your testosterone levels will increase
This study shows that heat lowers testosterone levels, so hot showers aren’t doing your T any good. It’s possible that cold showers will have an opposite effect on your T.
9. Cold showers will boost your fertility
Cold showers increase sperm count. One study found that men increased by sperm count by almost 500 percent after they stopped taking hot showers.
10. Your immune system will improve
One study found that cold showers increased disease fighting white blood cells.
11. Better blood circulation
Cold showers increase circulation of blood and send it to all organs. And this will ultimately improve your cardiovascular health.
12. Deeper sleep
Did you know that keeping your bedroom cold can help you sleep better? Well, taking a cold shower before bedtime will help you sleep better.

Source: blogs.naturalnews

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