These 9 foods from China have cancer causing chemicals

Stay away from these 9 foods from China, they may be cheap but, they will do your body more harm than good.
They are filled with pesticides and cancer causing chemicals.
1. Apple juice
Half of the apple juice sold in the US comes from china. And almost all the foods farmed in china are filled with pesticides. In fact, some of the pesticides they use have been banned by their government. The best option is to make your own apple juice using organic apples.
2. Chinese garlic
30 percent of the garlic consumed in the US comes from China. As you would expect, this garlic is filled with pesticide residue. When buying garlic make sure it’s organic.
3. Tilapia fish
One study concluded that most Chinese farm-raised seafood pose serious health risk because they’re bred in water filled with industrial waste and other chemicals. Well, 80 percent of tilapia sold in US comes from china.
4. Chicken  
Some experts say that the fact that avian flu and other food-borne illnesses are common in china, this can affect the quality of their chicken.
5. Plastic rice
As I mentioned earlier, it has been discovered that some Chinese companies are manufacturing fake, plastic rice. Long term consumption of this rice can damage your hormones and cause cancer. Gladly, this rice is easy to identify since it doesn’t cook well like regular rice, it remains hard after cooking.
6. Green peas
Rice is not the only fake food the Chinese are making. In 10 years ago it was discovered that the Chinese were using soy beans, snow peas, and dyes to make fake green peas. But just like plastic rice, these peas remain hard after being cooked. I may note that the dye they used is banned because it can cause cancer.
7. Processed mushrooms
34 percent of processed mushrooms sold in the US come from China. Don’t buy any mushrooms from China, even the ones labeled organic, some manufacturers just put organic label to increase profit.
8. Cod fish
Cod fish is just as unhealthy as tilapia from china, and 50 percent of the cod fish in America comes from China.
9. Industrial salt
Industrial salt is not fit for consumption and it can cause health problems such as stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure and hypertension. Avoid salt from china because it may contain industrial salt.

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