Over 40% of South African men have raped atleast one woman

In the recent findings in a town outside Durban, about 1,500 pregnant women were tested of HIV, the results left the doctors speechless. 38% of the women tested positive for HIV, which is just intense," says one of the doctors.

In fact, these women seemed like the least likely to get HIV. Most were married or in a committed relationship. Many said they were faithful. How did so many of them get infected? They said they're not quite sure, but they have a clue: During the women's pregnancies — or right afterward, when their babies were tiny infants — 40 percent of them were abused. They were hit, beaten, threatened, and emotional abused or even raped.
"These women are living in situations and circumstances that no matter where they turn, they're faced with the risk of violence — and then very negative health outcomes. "And so much of that is beyond their own control."
That's exactly what's driving the AIDS epidemic in southern Africa: women's vulnerability.
AIDS is the biggest killer of young women in southern Africa. Every day more than 1,000 are infected.
In many places, women have no way to avoid exposure to HIV because their men are sexual hawks.
"Women do not have control over their lives sexually," says Zeda Resoenberg, the founder and CEO of the non-profit International Partnership for Microbicides.
Women may not know their partners' status and may be afraid to ask them to get tested. And they often do not control when they have sex.
"Rape, both within and outside a relationship is very common," Rosenberg says. A report from the World Health Organization found rates of sexual abuse by a partner were as high 60 percent in some parts of Southern African.

A research conducted recently in South Africa alone, more than 40% of men said they've raped at least one women.
And condoms are often out of the question. "Men either threaten violence if they are asked to use a condom or actually incur violence," she says. "It is pervasive that the power dynamics here favor men."

What is the way forward! Is not better to start castrating these men from the southern part of Africa since they are not ready to play safe or stop violating women’s right.

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