More nutritious milk come from happy cows

 Scientists have discovered that regular infusions with a chemical commonly associated with feelings of happiness were shown to increase calcium levels in the blood of cows and the milk of cows that had just given birth.
The results could lead to a better understanding of how to improve the health of dairy cows, and keep the milk flowing, say scientists.

Milk rich in calcium are in high demand and in the dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt are primary sources of calcium. But this demand can take its toll on milk-producing cows: roughly 5-10% of the North American dairy cow population suffers from hypocalcaemia -- in which calcium levels are low. The risk of this disease is particularly high immediately before and after cows give birth.

Hypocalcaemia is considered a major health event in the life of a cow. It is associated with immunological and digestive problems, decreased pregnancy rates and longer intervals between pregnancies. These all pose a problem for dairy farmers, whose profitability depends upon regular pregnancies and a high-yield of calcium-rich milk.

Whilst there has been research into the treatment of hypocalcaemia, little research has focused on prevention.

The bottom line is that, you need to make your cows happy.

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