4 Reasons why you are unable to conceive since you got that job

You have worked hard to build yourself a good career, now it is time to start a family but you are still struggling to conceive.
There is a possibility that your job might be making conception more difficult.

 Here are four possible reasons:

You may be under enormous stress
When you are constantly trying to make deadlines, studying for professional exams, trying to get that promotion, you might be under constant stress which has been shown to reduce the chances of conception.

You are not eating fertility rich foods
Because you are rushing off to work in the morning, you might skip breakfast or pick junk food in a hurry.You could also be doing that for lunch. Even when you are eating healthy foods, they might not be suitable for a woman trying to conceive. 

You are worried about your career
You’ve worked very hard to get to where you are at your career and you are worried that getting pregnant and having to take time off might jeopardise your progress. While you might not lose your job, you might be side-tracked for promotions and other forms of career progression.This can create unnecessary anxiety in a woman.

You are not sleeping enough
Between the long ride home and the late nights studying and trying to meet up with deadlines, you get less than 7 hours of sleep every day. Sleep not only helps us to relieve stress but inadequate sleep throws our hormones out of sync and cause hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalances make it difficult for women to ovulate and for the newly fertilised egg to implant in the womb.

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