Reasons you should drink fresh milk everyday

 Milk is very good in the body especially when it is well processed.
Please make sure that,the milk you are taking is fresh.

Reasons why you should take milk are:

Strong bones
Adequate consumption of milk and dairy from early childhood and throughout life can help to make the bones strong and protect them against diseases in later life.

Healthy teeth

The amounts of calcium and phosphorous in milk and dairy products are also beneficial for the development and maintenance of healthy teeth.

Blood pressure
Consuming recommended portions of dairy products each day, along with five portions of fruit and vegetables as part of a low salt diet can reduce high blood pressure in both adults and children.
Cardiovascular disease

Several studies link milk and dairy consumption with reduced risk for cardiovascular diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

 Contrary to popular belief, research has shown that people who consume milk and dairy foods are likely to be slimmer than those who do not.

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