Common Mistake First-Time Mothers make in breastfeeding

Study, reveals that as many as 92 percent of first-time mothers sometimes encounter challenges that may make it impossible for them to breastfeed their babies.

Apart from the struggle to ‘teach’ the baby how to correctly latch on to the breast, there are also concerns that a new mom may not be able to generate enough breast milk to feed her baby.
The mistake many make is that, many women make the mistake of latching the baby to only one breast more often than the other. “When this happens regularly, the underused breast will gradually cease producing milk and it may dry up eventually.
The solution is to switch breasts in-between feeding. When a baby slows down, just change him to the next breast. And, depending on how long the baby feeds, you can switch breasts twice, thus making your child to have a go at each breast twice at each feeding time.
“That way, both breasts will be stimulated to produce more milk.
 The longer a child feeds on the breasts, the more they are stimulated to produce milk. Therefore, new moms should breastfeed their babies regularly.

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