Cause of rising cases of psychiatric health problem among youths unveiled

If you go to psychiatric hospital, 75% of the patients you will see are young men and women.
Research has shown that, the cause of this, is air pollution.
Research indicates that dispensed medication for psychiatric diagnosis can be related to air pollution concentrations. 
In a new study conducted by a research team at UmeƄ University, the correlation between exposure to air pollution in residential areas and children' and adolescents' psychiatric health was studied.
The results show that air pollution increased the risk of having dispensed medication for at least one psychiatric diagnosis for children and adolescents, the risk increased with 39% with a 10 microgram per cubic meter increased concentration of nitrogen dioxide even after socioeconomic and demographic factors were taken into account.
Caution: If you are living in an air polluted environment, please relocate to a decent environment.

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