Reasons for vaginal odour

Vaginal odour is awful and at times it can put you off, and of course, your partner too. At times bad odour from the vagina could be very strong.
There are ways to keep your vagina clean and odour free. However, you need to know the cause so you can take the right steps to prevent it. Here are a few reasons for vaginal odour.
Vaginal douching: Now this is a debatable issue. Many believe that douching can help to prevent vaginal infections, keep it clean and safe. However, others complain about bad vaginal odour after its usage. It has been discovered that women who use medical grade stainless steel douches had reduced vaginal odour than those who used over-the-counter plastic douche. To prevent vaginal odour, avoid the use of plastic douche. 
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs): In this case, vaginal odour is not the only reason. There might be an unusual discharge like white, grey or yellowish in colour with painful urination and intercourse. These are classic signs of Sexually Transmitted Diseaese (STD), which needs medical attention.
Bacterial vaginosis: This infection causes a fishy odour along with redness, itching and a burning sensation in the vagina. However, not all women who suffer from this condition complain about the odour so other symptoms have to be taken into account
Heavy discharge: A little amount of vaginal discharge is normal. However, if you notice itching, wetting your pants more often, painful urination with a real foul smell, this is a worrisome situation as it could mean an onset of STDs or even other health conditions.
Sweat: Too much sweat down there will definitely not help fight vaginal odour unless you are trying your best to keep it clean.
Food: Certain foods with a strong odour like chillies, pepper or even onion and garlic can give rise to vaginal odour. However, there aren’t enough studies to prove this fact. Usually, women who consume too much spicy food complain about vaginal odour.
Menstruation: Using a tampon or sanitary napkin for too long can lead to bacterial growth and disrupt the pH balance in the area, leading to bad vaginal odour.
Other diseases: Though not always but at times foul smelling odour could also be a sign of cancers like cervical cancer. Usually, the symptoms are silent and the odour could be the only reason that can give you a clue to visit your gynaecologist.
Hormonal changes: Pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause are times in a woman’s life which leads to various hormonal changes. This could lead to fluctuations in the pH balance of the vaginal area and lead to a host of infections, with a bad odour. Sometimes, the problems settle on their own. At other times, it might need a medical intervention.


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