This 77-year-old-grandma can lift more than you

It’s Not Too Late to Start an Exercise Program
After 12 weeks of weight training, seniors aged 65 and over improved both their leg strength and endurance, and were able to walk nearly 40 percent farther without resting.
After 16 weeks of “total body” weight training, women aged 60 to 77 years “substantially increased strength” and had improvements in walking velocity and the ability to carry out daily tasks, such as rising from a chair or carrying a box of groceries.
When you exercise as an older adult, you’re gaining the ability to live independently and fully, something that can be taken from you if your body becomes too frail. If you’re just starting out, consult with a personal fitness trainer who can instruct you about proper form and technique. He or she can also help you develop a plan based on your unique fitness goals and one that is safe for any medical conditions you may have.
Just keep in mind that while you need to use caution, you do need to exercise at a level that is challenging to your body. Many make the mistake of exercising with not enough intensity, and this will result in many of your benefits being forfeited. You can find even more inspiration in the video below, where Willie Murphy, a then 77-year-old power lifter and grandmother, shares what exercise, and in this case strength training, can do for you as you get older.

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