No food should be swallowed without chewing

A REPRODUCTIVE Endo-crinologist, Prof. Oladapo Ashiru,  has urged Africans to develop the habit of chewing their food properly before swallowing.
Ashiru, who  jointly pioneered In-vitro Fertilisation, IVF, research in West Africa, and is the Chief Medical Director, Medical Art Center & Mart Medicare life Group of Health Services, also said that regular  clearing and filtering of toxins and wastes (detoxification) allows the human body to work on enhancing its basic functions.

“Many people eat wrongly,” he explained in a chat with Good Health Weekly. Relating the consumption of food to the way the body is able to process the food, he said it was important to eat the right food at the right time. “For instance the consumption of fruit and salads after 8pm is taboo and like poison. When you do that, the body cannot digest it before you go to sleep. Best time to take salad is at midday during lunch.” Buttressing his point, he stated: “Actually, no food is supposed to be swallowed without chewing. When you swallow any ‘swallow’, it doesn’t dissolve. ‘Swallow’ is carbohydrate and the place of digestion and breakdown is in the mouth by the amylase produced by the salivary glands, so when the ‘swallow’ goes into the stomach without being chewed, the body is not properly being given nutrients. Taste and goodness “But when you chew the ‘swallow’ properly, you can appreciate the taste and goodness and you get better energy than when you just swallow it.” However, Ashiru sounded a note of warning. “When you eat ‘swallow’ after 8pm, it doesn’t digest and can stay like that in the stomach for several days fermenting and decaying.” He noted that it’s wrong perception that one cannot sleep on an empty stomach. “When you have properly given nutrition to the body, you’ll sleep. When you eat at 10pm, the body is racing,”he said. Body cleansing:  With reference to the famous Mayr body cleansing programme, he said the inventor of the programme, Dr. Mayr, realised that such fermenting and decaying in the intestines “would bring out a lot of alcohol, and the proteins would cause some biogenic amines that in constant accumulation, can lead to cancer or ugliness of the face. “For most people, most illnesses that afflict man are due to these toxins. He called it “intestinal auto-intoxicification”, that is, by ourselves we have eaten things to toxify our bodies.” Ashiru described a toxin as any substance that creates irritating and/or harmful effects in the body. He explained that toxicity occurs when the body takes in more than it can utilise and eliminate. Emphasising the benefits of natural body detoxification, Ashiru said the elimination of toxins, excessive mucus, congestion, and disease and to prevent, on a day-to-day basis, the build up of toxicity, through detoxification, is an essential ritual, if the body is to function optimally. Benefits of detox: “The human body is almost like a car,” Ashiru pointed out. “You need to clean it out and re-lubricate it periodically for it to last longer, but it is when the body is not well taken care of that it breaks down, and we hear of somebody collapsing or suddenly developing High Blood Pressure or arthritis. We were not born with all these things. They are caused by neglect,” he said. Ashiru who spoke during opening of  the new Martlife Detox Clinic/Medical Wellness and Anti-aging Beauty Centre,  reputed to be the  first Mayr Medical Spa in Africa, said it was set up specifically to enable Africans enjoy the full benefit of the renowned Mayr wellness programme. “It’s a subsidiary of Martlife Detox Clinic, featuring Piroche cosmetics and equipment  the Clinic is introducing the Avantgarde hydrotherapy tub that offers a multi-facetted range of treatment options regarded as industry standard for  cleansing, healing and replenishing the human body. “We have recognised that for some patients to succeed in their bid for pregnancy through IVF, we need to remove some toxins from them, so we established the Mart-Life Wellness Centre,” he explained He observed that the incidence of many toxicity diseases has increased so much in the form of cancer and cardiovascular disease, arthritis, allergies, obesity, skin problems, etc. “Wide range of symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, pains, coughs, gastrointestinal problems, and problems from immune weakness, can all be related to toxicity,” he noted.



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