How to get the ‘mistress treatment’ from your wife

I often wonder why many married couples go outside their homes to look for sex. Why should they be going out to look for what is available at their doorstep? This does not exclude the religious ones, especially the ‘born-agains’, who should live above board going by the tenets of their faith.
Is it that sex is not readily available in the home, or is it not properly handled by couples? Or is it simply because of insatiable appetite of couples? To worsen the situation, wives are not left out of this search for great sex outside the home.

My submission on whatever is responsible for the mad rush and search for great sex outside the marriage setting is that great sex, and I mean it, real great sex, can be made available in the home setting. It all depends on the resolve of the couples involved to make allowance for it. I have therefore decided to look at one way of making great sex available in the home setting, which is pampering the wife. This is needful if your wife will be prepared well ahead for sex. This is amazingly one thing those who engage in extramarital affairs do to retain the attention of their mistresses, and make them readily available for sex. No wonder the popular saying among the Yoruba, “one gives a concubine special treatment as if he has not seen a woman before.’’ The truth is that they have seen women before and even have wives at home, but they do not understand that they can have great sex in their marriage if their wives are given the same treatment ironically accorded the concubines.

How do men treat concubines?

They very often overlook their mistakes. Fault findings are far from the lips of men with regards to their dealings with their concubines. In fact, they could be ‘insulted’ without any reprisal. Their focus is just to get what they want from their concubines at any cost. In fact, most often, they are quick to apologise for wrong doings complained about by their concubines. To worsen it, they at times even apologise to their concubines for daring to complain about any fault of their concubines.

 They often show great care for the welfare of their concubines through constant phone calls and visits, gifts presentation, special holidays at home and abroad, provision of good things of life.

They prepare well to be able to sexually satisfy their concubines by ensuring they stay hard. They sometimes do this through the use of sex enhancing products.

They contribute handsomely towards the wardrobe of their concubines

Given all these treatments among others, why won’t the concubines not regularly be at their best to sexually satisfy their partners? It’s only expected that they will be more than readily available to give them great sex treatment. In fact, the reports say that most often it is these men, especially the old rich ones, who have to struggle to sexually catch up with these concubines. After all, they have poured water on the ground, so they must walk on wet ground.

What is the magic wand for sex in these concubine treatments?

Emotional mobilisation is what the treatments give to the women. Anyone who is able to touch a woman emotionally will have her attention for as long as he wants it. Now, this works both positively and negatively. If you touch her positively by good deeds, you reap good fruits, and vice versa.

So, for a woman to make herself sexually available for great sex, she needs to be given such treatments that are given to the concubine on a platter of gold. Why is this so? It is the way the creator made women. A woman’s sexuality is emotionally tied. Sex is a thing of the mind for most women. She needs to be emotionally touched to respond in a great way to sex. This is quite unlike men, who are easily aroused at the sight of a woman’s figure, physique, naked features and the like.

So, for great sex to be available in the marriage, a wife should be treated better than the concubine. This is one truth that husbands ought to know and live by. Unfortunately, most husbands don’t seem to realise this, or simply turn a blind eye. After all, she is their property, and does not deserve any pampering like their concubines. This is a great error that is responsible for the mad search for better sex outside the marriage setting. When the couples are not sexually satisfied, they easily fall for sexual temptation.

So, husbands should apply the concubine treatment on their wives and see if great sex will not be readily available in the home. I can assure you that a trial will convince you. I can’t wait for your testimony after the trial.



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