Stop Taking Sugar and Experience these 5 Things

In some ways, sugar is similar to drugs. Many people feel real pleasure eating chocolate, for example. If they stay without it for some time, they can become quite irritable. Some people even have headaches, become anxious and very nervous. If you love sweets but don’t believe that sugar is addictive, try not to eat it for some time and you’ll see.
Eliminating sugar completely is objectively impossible. Sugar is a part of so many products and dishes that we will have to come up with a special diet that may turn out quite unhealthy. However, limiting our sugar intake so that it makes no more than 5% of our daily calories is possible. The fastest way to do that is to say “no” to soda, tea or coffee with sugar and to limit your pastries per week. If you do that, the following things will happen.
1.    You will be healthier and more energetic
Many people know that sugar is a source of getting glucose which is required by our organisms to invigorate us. With a low blood sugar a person feels tired, becomes slow and can even faint. However, a high blood sugar is even more dangerous. It can cause serious metabolic derangements, intoxication and performance decrement. So, everything is about the control here.
2.            Your weight will normalize
As soon as you limit the intake of sugar, you will start to lose weight. It is not only about sugar being a source of calories. The main problem is that it is often included in high-calorific dishes: pastry, confectionery, fast food, milk desserts, etc. Limiting those products, you will easily lose excess weight.
3.            Your intestine will work better
When you take the pleasure of tasting delicious cakes or pies, it is your digestive tract that suffers. When people eat a lot of sugar, their digestive tracts start working slower and that harms intestine and pancreas. Eating healthy products and saying “no” to sugar will make your intestine work like a Swiss watch.
4.            The constant desire to eat something sweet will go away
The mechanism of sugar addiction is no different from the narcotic one. You eat a candy, your brain enjoys it and you want another one. Good news is that this addiction can be beaten. As soon as you change your diet, you’ll notice that you want sweets less and less. And after some time you won’t understand all those people around who cannot spend a day without chocolate and cakes.
5.            You will feel the real taste of products
Do you spend half an hour picking an exquisite sort of tea and then drink it with two spoons of sugar? Do you consider yourself a coffee expert but cannot drink it without something sweet? If you say yes to such questions, you probably don’t know the real taste of these great drinks as well as many other products that we eat with an excessive amount of sugar. Yes, it may taste unusual at first, but after a couple of weeks you will get used to the great original taste of many sugarless products.

 Source: naturalnews

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