Tips for leukaemia therapy

Leukemia is cancer of the blood. And the blood is the river of life flowing in our blood vessels. The blood has a specific composition. Anything outside this natural formula is at variance with healthy blood and can spell doom.

 This, constant recomposition of the blood to maintain the natural formula is crucial for averting blood disaster. But before we can recompose, we must clean out foreign elements from the bloodstream. This will lead us to detoxification.
  All blood filters in the body must be at work and efficient. The liver, the kidneys, the lungs, the skin and the digestive tract are important for this purpose. Recomposition of the blood must recognise similarities in the green of Chlorophyll, “the blood of plants’’ and the red of hemoglobin, the red pigment of the human blood which transports oxygen the elixir of life. This, chlorophyII and hemoglobin are like two sides of a coin. The structure of cholrophyII is HYDROGEN – NITROGEN – CARBON and OXYGEN.
Magnesium binds them together. The structure of hemoglobin is the same, except for iron, and not magnesium, which binds the structure together. The Nobel Prize was awarded to scientists who discovered this similarity. Thus, consuming greens as a salutary effect on the blood. As I always like to see it, taking greens is like recharging the blood as we recharge cell phone credit. The following herbs have been found to dramatically help leukemia cases: Garlic, Olive Leaf Extract, Milk thistle, Licorice, Aloe Vera, Raspberry, Curcumin, Green tea, Ginseng Citrus immature peel (which kills leukemia cells). Hedyotis diffusa- the Chinese remedy reported to be positively effective in killing cancer cell. Hungarian cancer therapist Alexander Ferenezi,in 1950, carried out a study with 22 patients whose cancers where advanced and inoperateable. He added Beet root to their diet for three to four months. All but one of them recovered dramatically.
These herbs are set to clean and recompose the blood apart from helping the cancerous cell to commit suicide (apoptosis). The Hungarian study with Beet root, replicated in other countries encourages the use of herbs in leukemia and other cancers. The role of the spleen cannot be underplayed. It is a quality control centre for the blood. Blood cells which fail to pass the test are broken down by macrophages, special defense (immune cells) in the spleen. Thus, if leukemia cells roam free in the blood, the spleen deserve a query. It may be weakened, though, by infections and the generative liver conditions, among other problems.There will still be time for a more comprehensive discussion of leukemia therapies NOW.

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