A man’s penis can provide great pleasure but sometimes significant anxiety as well. Anxiety normally arises from feelings of inadequacy with size, strength of erection and sexual performance.

 Do you know that Smoking can shorten your penis by as much as a centimeter. Erections are all about good bloodflow, and lighting up calcifies blood vessels, stifling erectile circulation. So even if you don’t care all that much about your lungs or dying young, spare the li’l guy. The average erect penis is a little more than 6 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter.
Hi, im 40 years old having weak erection and I only get good erection when im drunk and this is really affecting me . Can Vimax, xzen 1200, Powerzen gold, Libigrow, or Rhino 7 solve the problem?pls advice me on which one to go for and also their prices too. I saw your info on a column in the Nationsnews – Nuel
Hello Nuel, firstly, I would like to advice that you cut down seriously on your drinking habit, cos excessive alcohol hampers your erectile system and this also goes for people that smoke too. All these habits aside the fact that they affect your erectile system, they also affect your health. Just as you have rightly suggested , any one of, Vimax, Xzen 1200, Powerzen Gold, Libigrow, Stiff nite can give you instant erection whenever you need it. All these products are herbal and are very safe for use by all and sundry and at any age, you can call for their prices.
I am presently using Vigrx plus and im in the 4th week of usage. I m not noticing any increase in my penis as you have said, but im feeling some stretching sensation in my penis, what does this mean and can I combine with Maximus cream for a faster result- Nnamdi
Hello Nnamdi, you are still in the first pack of Vigrx plus,and in the first month, what the first pack does is that it prepares the tissues in the penis for enlargement by allowing more blood to flow into them and the stretching sensation you are having is very normal and it shows enlargement is starting. Keep using the Vigrx plus till the third month as recommended and if you want a faster result, you can combine it with Maximus cream. Some people prefer cream to pills for enlargement, so Maximus cream can also be used alone for penis enlargement.
Im a 65 year old man  and I have very weak erection , though im diabetic but im still sexually active cos I recently married a new wife who is expecting a lot from me; what can you recommend I take? Im a a regular reader of your column – Chief Basita
Hello Chief, there are so many factors that contributed to your weak erection; aside the fact that you are diabetic, age also is another factor, cos as you advance in age, your erection becomes weaker unless supplemented by enhancers. I will suggest you take Vimax with the Noto tea if you want strong erection on demand, Vimax has proven tobe effective even in worst case scenarios of very weak erection and the Noto tea will help reduces the level of diabetes or hypertension, thereby allowing the Vimax to take effect.
Thank you very much Viewden, I m a rfegular reader of your column. I Hve tried several sexual enhancers but they didn’t work for me and my doctor recommned I go for penile extensions or sleeves. What are they and what do they do? Ilori
Penile extensions are artificial penis what are worn on the penis both for size and for erection. Some have straps that are worn and strapped across the waist, while some are strapless and are close to the human skin called Cyberskin extensions. Penile extensions ranges from 6”, 8” to 10” for the ones with strap, while the Cyberskin has 8’, 9’ and 9’5;. You could also get the smaller ones like futurotic extender, or brown latex extension, which are about 5 inches each.
I need some sextoys for my wife.we just discussed that we want to try new things in our sexual lives and not stick with the routine – Bello
Experimenting new forms of sexual play is very healthy within couples  cos it spices up the  relationship when you try out new things. Frisky finger and tongue teasers are very small in size that can be used either by the man or woman to stimulate each other for more orgasm.

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