8 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise

When trying to lose weight exercise can have advantages. It helps you to burn more calories which can speed up your weight loss. However, many people have busy lives and trying to fit an exercise regime into your daily schedule can be difficult. The following tips can help you burn some extra calories throughout the day without doing any specific form of exercise.

Laugh More

Laughing does burn a small amount of calories although not as many as would be burned through exercise. However, laughter does have a number of other benefits that can help you lose weight. It can help to reduce emotional stress which is sometimes associated with over eating. If a person is likely to turn to food in times of emotional stress this can mean additional calories are consumed. By reducing stress, this food is less likely to be eaten.

Get More Sleep

It is thought that the less sleep you get, the more your appetite increases. An increased appetite is likely to lead to an increase in the amount of food that you eat and therefore the calories that are consumed. By getting a good night’s sleep you are less likely to snack throughout the day.

Keep Breathing

Practicing deep breathing techniques can help you feel more relaxed and gain a positive state of mind. When you feel this way you are more likely to make good food choices. It is also thought that deep breathing can aid digestion which can also help you to lose weight.

Buy Some New Plates

Buying smaller plates is a simple way to reduce your portion sizes. This can help you reduce the calories that you are consuming on a daily basis for all meals. Depending on the amount of calories that you save, this can be the equivalent to hours of exercise over the course of a week.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast every morning can help control your blood sugars throughout the day which means that you are not as likely to snack so often. People who skip breakfast find that they have periods throughout the morning where they are extremely hungry because their blood sugar drops. When you are this hungry it is hard to make good food choices and you are more likely to choose high calorie snacks.

Spice Up Your Food

One reason that people find it hard to stick to a diet is that they get fed up of eating the same food all the time. Adding different spices to your meals can help make them more interesting and you may even enjoy experimenting with different flavors.

Lemon Water

Drinking lemon water can also help you reduce the amount of calories that you consume during the day. Lemon water contains no calories so if you replace your normal drink with this then you will be consuming less calories. Lemon water can also help you to feel fuller for longer and so you are less likely to snack between meals.

Try a Bit of Psychology

Sometimes the problems that people encounter with losing weight are in their minds. If you don’t really believe that you will be successful in losing weight then you may find it hard to stay motivated. Taking a more positive approach can help you stick to your diet and be successful without exercising.


Exercising can speed up weight loss so if you are not able to do any exercise then you may need to be stricter with yourself in terms of what you eat. It is easy ways to lose weight without any exercise though and following these tips will definitely help. Exercise does have health benefits so you should try including it as part of your healthy lifestyle but it is possible to still lose weight without it.

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