Conception easier in the morning

Dr Bola Olaosebikan, a health expert,Founder & Publisher of Healthcare magazine and a complementary medical practitioner, explained how best to attain good health, using herbs.
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By the time I came out of government, I discovered that people continue to complain about infertility and also decided to study what could work for it.
Oftentimes, many cases of infertility in women are attributed to poor ovulation although many other disorders may be responsible for their non-conception. Meanwhile, women that use a certain orthodox drugs for ovulation develop ovarian cyst and many other problems without achieving ovulation.
I talk about “five bus stops” for a woman to pass through before conception. If you take care of one, leaving the others, conception will not take place. There must be a synergy of all these in her body apart from the man’s body before conception can take place.
So I decided to look at the issue holistically by considering things that can help a woman with these “five bus stops” that she must pass for conception to take place. And I used herbs that are adaptogens, womb cleansers, tubal cleansers, fertility booster and sperm boosters to help women and men to get desired results. The products must be focused on the causes and the conditions, irrespective of their number, whether it is three or four issues.

For men too, there are herbal products made from plants that are very good for various conditions in men. There are herbs that are safe and very potent to correct low sperm count as well as other things that contribute to their inability to father a child such as infections, poor semen quality and poor sperm quantity.
For men, the quality and quantity of the sperm is very important, that is why men also have a better chance of impregnating their wives when they have sex in the morning than in the evening. In the morning sperm quality is better, this has also been scientifically proven. Men should eat and rest very well to produce good sperm.

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