Cleanse the Lungs with this Powerful Natural Detox Juice

Many respiratory ailments can be prevented and treated using natural home remedies. With pulmonary diseases including bronchial asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and many others; this detox drink will help unclog your respiratory airways and detox the entire pulmonary system.

What you’ll need:

  • One fresh grapefruit
  • A piece of ginger
  • An Onion
  • A juicer or blender
You can start by peeling off your grapefruit. Do not peel the thick whitish layer beneath the yellow outer layer—this layer contains loads of bioflavonoids which are valuable, healthy nutrients.

Next, peel off your ginger and take the trash off the onion. Place all components in a blender or juicer to extract the juices — (the order in which you add each ingredient is not important). Extract the juice into a glass jar or any cup will do (not plastic though — plastic is very toxic).

How to take:

1 teaspoon 3 to 4 times per day. IMPORTANT: Juice only enough for the day — Do NOT refrigerate. I find that I do not get that blazing sensation after putting it on the refrigerator — the potency is lost

So what are the benefits of this natural lungs detox juice?

1.     The bioflavonoids in the grapefruit contain loads of vitamin C which is good for improving microcirculation that nourish your lungs with better blood supply.
2.     Immediately after you take a tablespoon of this detox juice, your airways and blood vessels will begin to open up. You will then feel a rush of blood and air move through them smoothly, uninterrupted, in an energy-injecting manner.
3.     If you have ear infections; often the most common is middle-ear, taking a portion of this detox juice can clear up the infection and clear obstructed canals in your ear. I personally find that it opens up my airways and stops my itchy ear.
4.     This detoxifying juice can cleanse many of your internal organs and rid them of viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms.
5.     Research shows that there have been positive results with people who have pancreatic diseases as well as diseases of the alimentary canal after taking this formula.
6.     The speed of action is remarkable. Within a few minutes of ingesting, you will feel a tingling sensation throughout your whole body, particularly moving down towards your feet.


1.     Because of its instant and immense action on the body, it is advisable to take at intervals of about 3 minutes. The extensive rush you will feel after taking your first teaspoon might put your body into shock.
2.     Do not take too much at once. Yes, a little bit of this potion offers tremendously positive results but too much can put you off balance.
3.     Drug interaction is very poor. If you are on meds, it is recommended to take two hours before or after taking your pills—this formula may not interact well with many drugs.
If you are taking vitamins or multivitamins, then this powerful juice will work well with them. Vitamins are complemented and their benefits attenuated by the nutrients in this detox blend.
Instead of going to the pharmacy to purchase toxic cough remedies which might probably cost a ton of money, treat your nagging, chronic bronchitis with a remedy that poses no risks of side effects. Cleanse your lungs of pollutants and fungus; lower the risk of cancer, and improve your respiratory health, naturally!


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