Scratching recharge cards with your nails and Cancer story

The coating on scratch tickets is made of specialized latex inks. There are no credible references to a compound called "Silver Nitro oxide". There are no credible medical or scientific reports that suggest that scratch ticket coating has been linked to skin cancer. There are no credible references to an organization known as the "Medical Research Authority of the US". A 2013 version of the hoax claims that it was one "Dr Brian Berry" who discovered the Silver Nitro Oxide cancer connection. However, there are no credible references to a doctor of that name making any such discovery. The later version is as equally false as its predecessor. Both versions are hoaxes and should not be forwarded.

There are two main types of posts like these on Facebook, first is with the organization known as “Medical Research Authority of the US”, and the second one is from “Dr. Brian Berry” who allegedly discovered the silver nitro oxide-cancer relation.
Below is a sample post that you can see on Facebook:
“ATTENTION. …..Medical research Authority of the US have found that new cancer in human beings caused by ‘Silver Nitro oxide’. Whenever u buy recharge cards or calling cards don’t scratch them with ur nail as it contain ‘silver nitro oxide’ coating and can cause skin cancer. Copy and paste this status and spread awareness please”

Below is Dr. Berry’s version:
Dr. Brian Berry of the United States has found new cancer in human beings, caused by Silver Nitro Oxide. Whenever you buy recharge cards, don’t scratch with your nails, as it contains Silver Nitro Oxide coating and can cause skin cancer. Share this message with your loved ones.

Important Health Tips:
1.       Answer phone calls with the left ear.
2.       Don't take your medicine with cold water....
3.       Don't eat heavy meals after 5pm.
4.       Drink more water in the morning, less at night.
5.       Best sleeping time is from 10pm to 4 am.
6.       Don’t lie down immediately taking medicine or after meals.
7.       When phone's battery is low to last bar, don't answer the phone, bcos the radiation is 1000 times stronger.

Both of posts claims that a new cancer-causing substance called Silver Nitro Oxide, was found on the removable silver coating of most scratch cards. The warning suggests people to avoid using their fingernails to remove the silver coating of the scratch ticket. You will have higher risk of skin cancer if you do so.
While there are hundreds of identified cancer agents around us, silver nitro oxide found in scratch cards does not have enough scientific or medical evidences that it can cause cancer.
Plus, there are no such name bearing “Dr. Brian Berry” in the US making that kind of cancer discovery. So unfortunately for health news advocates, both these reports are untrue, false and hoaxes. You have to avoid spreading this news to your network of friends on any of your social media accounts.

Facts about Scratch Card’s Silver Coating
The coating on most scratch cards are basically made from specialized latex or UV inks, not from a compound called silver nitro oxide.
Science experts suggest that there is no chemical compound named as silver nitro oxide. Instead, there are two similar chemical elements – nitrous oxide and nitric oxide. Silver does not have any association from the said chemical compounds.
UV inks don’t contain silver nitro oxide. Plus, there are no scientific reports that these inks do have significant effects on human health such as cancer risks. 

My suggestion on this, AVOID USING YOUR FINGERS, whether it causes cancer or not.

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