Nigeria loses $200m annually in untapped traditional medicine — Esuleke

The Chairman, Traditional Medicine Council of Osun state, Chief Idowu Omokayode Esuleke, has said that Nigeria loses about $200 million in untapped potential in the traditional medicine, calling on the Federal Government to harness the opportunity as a veritable alternative to oil and revenue drive.

He said, “Medical tourism, herbal exports, herbal cultivations, taxes, industries, among others would gross nothing less than $200,000,000 yearly at the beginning, not to talk of number of employable graduates that would be empowered.”
Esuleke made this statement in his memoir titled: “The Boy Esuleke” to be unveiled on Saturday, July 25, 2015 in commemoration of his 75th birthday in the state.
According to him,”the Federal Government needs to wake up to the reality that spiri-herbal is one of the resources almighty God has deposited in Nigeria, and if it is properly explored, structured, packaged and regulated, it will give the country more than crude oil is contributing to our economy at the moment in terms of revenue and world recognition.”
He further admonished the Government to be diplomatic about the international conspiracy to rubbish the potency of Nigerian herbs, leaves and roots, instead it should create a conducive atmosphere whereby alternative medicine practitioners can prove themselves with verifiable evidences and be encouraged with modern technology.
With knowledge of the Asian spiri-herbal practice, he claimed that the foreign traditionalists still respect their counterparts in Nigeria and always look forward to have exchange programmes/ideas with Nigerians.

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