8 Foods That Double As Household Cleaners

Many of the foods you eat have more uses other than just keeping you satiated; one of the amazing uses is for cleaning.

Following are nine common foods in your kitchen that do double-duty as cleaning products:
1. Use banana peels to polish silver
Banana peels can make your silver look as good as new. So next time don’t throw away the banana peels, just rub the inside of it along your silver products, or the tarnished parts on your silver.
2. Ketchup can remove the tarnish on your copper pots and pans
The acids in the ketchup will remove the tarnish on your metal products such as copper pots and pans, all you have to do is dab some of ketchup on a cloth on where the metal needs polishing, let it stay for around half an hour and then clean.
3. Cucumber peels for a non-foggy bathroom mirror
Bathroom mirror fogging up after a shower? Rub some cucumber peels on it before you start the water, the problem will be solved.
4. Clean your grill easily with an onion
Heat up the grill and then cut an onion in half and stab one half of the onion with a fork, flat part facing down. This small trick will work to remove all the grease and leftover grit on the grill.
5. White wine will help remove a red wine stain
Sprinkle with white wine, which is acidic, to neutralize the stain, or water, and blot again. Remove the remaining stain with a clean cloth and methylated spirits.
6. Pick up little pieces of broken glass with a slice of white bread
Grab a piece of white bread, dampen it, and dab it on all the little pieces of the broken glass, then all tiny pieces will be picked up.
7. Uncooked rice is a good coffee grinder cleaner
Put a small handful of uncooked rice in your grinder. Grind it up until it becomes dust. Remove that dust, and the coffee bean or spice fragments left in your grinder will be gone too.
8. Regular table salt together with white vinegar to clean your carpet
Got some minor stains on your carpet? Blend regular table salt with white vinegar to create a paste. Scrub, vacuum and it will be clean enough.
Sources: organicauthority.com 

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